Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to - Modify Firefox Address Bar Search

By default, when you type in keyword(s) in Firefox address bar, it will search the keyword(s) using Google Search and lists matching websites.

To change the Firefox option is very simple, as follows:-

At Firefox address bar, enter about:config and press ENTER.
You will see a warning as below

Click "I will be Carefull, I Promise!" Don't worry the below step has been tested on firefox version 13.0.1 and would not create any issue.

At Filter: field, type keyword.url

You should see a Preference name of keyword.URL in the list. Double click it, a “Enter String Value” input box will appear.

Replace the string with:

Click “OK” button and done!

You can replace the string value with any search engine query that you know. Example for Yahoo! search:


Ayush said...

hmm it works but i prefer using google chrome

Technukem said...

any specific reason for you to prefer chrome

Sinelogix said...

Great job guys keep it up
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