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Video: Silverlit's Heli-Mission SWAT Truck brings your Blue Thunder fantasies to a rockin' reality

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We've seen remote controlled toy helicopters and remote controlled toy cars, and they were good, but never have we seen before a product that brings the greatness of the two together. Silverlit's Heli-Mission SWAT truck is that holy union of RC, a butch-looking controllable truck with flashing lights and a cavernous cargo bay that swings open to release a three-channel helicopter. The heli is hoisted into position and can then be launched to go rescue your Transformers figurines from the clutches of your evil sister, brother, husband, wife, or pet. This wireless duo will set you back £59.95 when it releases in Europe, about $100, but sadly we're not finding it up for order anywhere else at the moment. So go ahead and relax, Brazilian prison guards -- at least for now...


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